Dark and Stormy

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be - especially during summer! If you have planned an outdoor event and the forecast is rain, rain and more rain, here are some tips on making sure, whether the weather is a drizzle or a downpour, your day is not a damp squid!

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1. Speak to your suppliers first and foremost - Will your marquee be positioned on a slope and if so, able to keep water out? Is the dynamic lighting waterproof? Do the caterers require an extra tent?

Your suppliers should be able to advise you on a suitable contingency plan in case of bad weather.

2. Keeping your guests warm and dry - Think about providing a sheltered smoking area, umbrellas and blankets, especially if you have booked a catering truck or mobile drinks van.

3. Positioning - If you have planned to have a drinks reception or band outside, think about where to reposition inside. You should take into account available space and look at how this will affect the flow of guests.

4. Creative photography - Ok, wet and windy weather isn't ideal but a good photographer can make the most out of all weather conditions. Bad weather can actually provide some amazing photo opportunities so make sure you speak to your supplier and see what they can advise.

5. Embrace it - rain on your wedding day can actually signify good luck (apparently!) so providing you have a Plan B, you and your guests can still have a fabulous day to remember!

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